ME Monday 12-6-2021 Tradtions Old & New

As the holiday season is underway, what feels most important to us?

Many things may have changed and some things may always remain the same.

Whether we stick to old traditions or try something new, what traditions feel most important to do?

What may we look forward to the most at this time of year? How does it make us feel?

Many different emotions may come to mind. How we navigate these feelings can determine the way we experience these seasonal events.

Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving, a festive gathering that marks the start of the season’s festivities and the upcoming close of the current year.

This year may feel a little different as we continue to steer through a few more surprising conditions.

We may look forward to getting together for many big elaborate feasts with the specialties we enjoy or we may simply look forward to spending time with people we care about.

Sticking to our traditions, whatever they might be, may help us focus on the positive things we anticipate as we approach the year’s end. After all, traditions are what we count on.

How might it feel when things change and old traditions might need to be altered?

Some of us may feel anxious about navigating holiday foods and feasting or who we’ll get to share memories with.

Regardless of whether we count calories, have a sweet tooth, feel overwhelmed managing food, or just miss our family during these celebrations; what might we want to concentrate on instead?

When we think about the upcoming merriments, what might we want a fearless approach to look like? When do we think about this most?

A gentleman shared this year’s holiday experience. It replaced memories of many previous years without family or friends to celebrate with. His dad and daughter traveled from afar to be with him for this holiday and his daughter insisted on cooking them an old-fashioned holiday dinner- a gesture of pure love and tradition. Though in good health, he still had to be cautious about what he consumed and how much because of certain concerns. He celebrated his ability to regulate what he ate with self-awareness while reveling in the magic of his daughter’s efforts. He requested this be a new ongoing tradition and everyone agreed.

Traditions of every culture, faith, and family can be the ingredients that create the most ‘delicious’ memories- the ones we can recall and the new ones we can make.

Tradition matters even when plans and people change.” ~ Ever Thine Home

What other recollections might we have in addition to the feasting?

Let’s consider one or two things that dominate our thoughts during the holiday season. What feels most important about this?

Might there be something new that we haven’t done during the holidays in the past that we might like to do this year?

How might it feel when we incorporate this new thing into our holiday ritual?

We don’t have to wait until the New Year to make a resolution or do something new. There’s no time like the present, right?

We may want to set new traditions to look forward to as things change.

Our inner power allows us to choose what we may want to experience and can provide new wonderful memoirs we’ll have to reminisce about in the future.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s create a plan to become fearless about food during the holidays and start new traditions!

We may not be able to choose how unexpected occurrences might impact our plans; we can choose how we allow these things to affect how we feel about it.

So, what might we choose to do to wrap up the end of this year?

We can begin creating a plan by scheduling something special for ourselves on “ME” Monday®, a weekly “ME” celebration. It’s a break that can help clear the mind and bring clarity for other things.

Celebrate “ME” Monday® throughout the holiday season and make it an ongoing tradition in years to come. Celebrate you!

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