ME Monday 12-13-2021 Gray

When something changes, it might feel like we have only two options or maybe no choice at all. 

What might feel hard about finding the ‘gray area’ between what appears to be black and white?

When it seems like our possibilities are limited, how might this make us feel?

What might we see if we could see that gray area? How might things appear different?

As this year is coming to a close, many of us may be reflecting on the unexpected events that have yet again impacted everyone around the globe in various ways.

Some of us may have felt like our “normal” was gone in a moment and others might believe that something new will grow.

So, if we were to re-examine this past year to reveal that gray area, what might we find?

What might be something special we want to celebrate about the past year? How might this feel important?

When we think about the things that may look somewhat different these days, what comes to mind when we think about what’s normal?

How might each individual define a standard of daily life? If it appears to offer only two options as if black and white, what might it look like if it were gray? How might this feel different?

If we can find alternative viewpoints when faced with the unexpected, then it might not have to be defined as either positive or negative; we can choose to react to it in a way that better suits how we want it to be.

“Unexpected events can set you back or set you up. It’s all a matter of- perspective.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher.

So, how might it feel if we consider “perspective’ to be that gray area that may exist between getting set back or setting things up as we want them to be?

How might it feel different? What’s significant about this?

What might we want our next year to look like?

Though, we might not be able to predict what may occur, how might we focus on strengthening ourselves instead?

What might be one thing we can do to support the best version of ourselves?

How might taking a small step help us to feel resilient today? If we do something that feels empowering, what might that be?

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