Without stress, who would you be?

Are you tired of being tired?

Are you tired of feeling less productive than you want to be?

Are you tired of feeling all alone without support?

…then it may be time to ask…

What has to change?

…you can stay where you are
& do nothing


…you can choose to

change now  so you can take back control,  

become who you are meant to be,

& unlock your inner power to achieve the quality lifestyle you strive for!

About Lynn

Lynn Lessell is an entrepreneur at heart who worked while raising two wonderful sons that are now successful business professionals themselves.

Founder of “ME” Monday® & The “ME” Monday® Method, Lynn  helps other professionals obtain and maintain the desired return on the investment they make in all relationships personally and in business while prioritizing the investment they make in their health.

If you wish you could...

Kick that “HAVE-TO” habit!
Become #1 on your “TO-DO” list!
Love what you do!
Discover your ‘secret identity’ to build relationships that turn into profitable connections.

... take the first step and Level It Up with Lynn!

30 min Discovery Session

What’s your secret identity? Meet the Identity Coach & Find out!

Coaching Services

The “ME” Monday®Method

The “ME” Monday® Method

Putting yourself 1st, when implemented correctly, uncovers the ‘secret identity’ behind the mask that nobody gets to see.
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Level It Up / Keeping It Level

1-on-1 & Group Coaching

Kick the “HAVE-TO” habit! Become #1 on your “TO-DO” list! Love what you do! Stand out amongst your peers!
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Concierge Coaching

Concierge Coaching

Get the professional coachibg you need on your schedule.
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If you feel like Humpty Dumpty, stuck up on the wall, afraid to retreat to safety, and terrified to move forward, you may feel unable to jump off the wall in a forward motion unless you permit yourself to discover your inner power.

Choose the way YOU want to Level It UP!

If finding YOUR best solutions for a healthy lifestyle has been frustrating you…
Itz Why the Details make the Difference! Let’s get to the root of things together!
Contact Lynn, your Identity Coach, now at [email protected]
or call 561-717-3090.
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