It has been a pleasure getting to know Lynn over the past year. When I first met Lynn, it was at a networking event.  She was an  Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce and really helped me to feel welcomed. We connected instantly and Lynn invited me to join a workshop along with some other business owners where we could get to know each other and also sharpen some very important networking skills.  I enjoyed participating in the group and it helped open my eyes to several things I could be improving on in my own business approach. Lynn also helped me realize that in order to be successful in my career, I needed to first establish my “Why.” Lynn asked the important questions and helped me to dig a little deeper to unveil “why” I chose the business I did and what it means to me. This process isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it is always evolving. I look forward to working with Lynn in the future and to continue to learn how best to differentiate my business while also being my authentic self.

Christine M.

Financial Advisor

Lynn Lessell is truly a caring coach. I met her at a networking meeting and we immediately clicked as we discussed the unique coaching businesses we have established. Her enthusiasm for helping single parents raise their children while managing a career and homelife is what captured my attention.

Lynn invited me to be part of a workshop she was establishing and I accepted. Throughout the time that I attended her meetings, I was able to gleam from her business tips and experiences in order to grow my own business.  She truly helped me recognize my potential and deal with limiting beliefs/mindsets. Lynn also helped me to face my fear of networking and look at it through the lens of just meeting new and interesting people. To be myself and not anyone else. To speak up about what I do offer and the value it brings to other people’s lives.

Thank you, Lynn, for having played a part in helping me grow my business. You are truly an inspiration and blessing. I wish you continued success with all of your current and future endeavors.

Maria V.

Certified Professional Life Coach

Lynn Lessell is a wonderful coach. I experienced her as a business and Identity Coach. She gives so much of herself to help her clients grow and develop toward their goals. Lynn offers profound perspectives where she applies her experience in the form of wisdom and guidance. She helped me avoid some business “pot-holes” that I was moving toward, improve the way I network and present myself, and help me further understand my business and personal identity.

Matthew H.

Certified Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

Lynn! I decided after a lot of reflection, and working on some of the secret identity exercises you gave me, that I needed to be open to hearing what was out there and was very strict to highlight what was important to me and my values. Yesterday was my first day at a new company! Thank you. Our conversations definitely played a part in it.

Mark Jones

Sales professional

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