ME Monday 11-29-2021 Trapped

When we feel like we’re getting pulled in so many directions simultaneously it might feel as though we just can’t think.

If we ever feel trapped in our thoughts, what might have to happen to unlock us from this frame of mind?

Sometimes these moments may seem to occur repeatedly and we may feel overwhelmed. The longer we stay trapped in that anxious feeling, the harder it may feel to move forward.

We all may have experienced this at one time or another.

A friend in Australia shared a story about a dear comrade of his. His friend had lost his wife to cancer just a few days before a holiday and felt unable to focus on anything except his thoughts- he was stuck in his head. The heartache and loss were traumatic and painful. This man couldn’t imagine how to go on. My friend expressed how much he wanted to help this man push forward to get “unstuck” yet knowing it would only be something this man could choose to do for himself.

Emotions are powerful and may dictate our reactions.

When we identify the everyday responsibilities for home and work that always seem to get done somehow, it can offer some perspective to what is important to us and provide clarity around the relevance of taking care of ourselves. Tension and prolonged stress will likely affect our physical and mental health and we have the power to prevent that.

How might it feel to discover we don’t have to stay stuck?

If we could reveal an inner power that may help us so things can feel different, what might this look like?

How would it feel if we were more attentive to building our resilience, what’s positive, instead of concentrating on the facts we can’t control that keep us trapped in our thoughts?

How might it feel if we wait for these intense moments to exist before we make time to focus on ourselves? What feels significant about this?

We can’t control external circumstances. We DO have the control to switch how we take care of ourselves so we can have that inner power no matter what we may have to face.

Deepak Chopra once said, “No matter the situation remind yourself- I have a choice.”

How we decide to react to whatever occurs, determines what happens going forward.

Life is a series of occurrences and choices. It happens to us every day- sometimes at work, sometimes at home, sometimes with family, and sometimes with friends.

If we face every challenge, no matter how simple or how serious, with a positive purpose, we can have the power to reduce daily stress, maintain a healthy mind and body, and unlock the trap that keeps us stuck in our heads.

What might be one small thing we can do for ourselves today to begin drawing out that inner power to feel confident and free?

If we allow ourselves to unlock our minds by concentrating on ourselves while reveling in a “ME” Monday®  activity, we can nurture that inner power to assure daily confidence and strength.

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