Was yesterday a day we spent celebrating as a mom or with a mom? Maybe as both. What special memories were made?

Whether we have children of our own or we’re just kids ourselves, what feels important about the time we dedicate to a mother’s love?

Some of our kids are grown and on their own, some are school age, and some may just be starting to learn about the world. Whether we’re spending in-person or virtual time together, reveling in these memoirs as we build new ones can make this day a little extra special.  

Some of us may be honoring the moms we no longer have with us. Some of us may be sharing time with the moms of those we hold close to our hearts. If we honored someone else’s mom, what felt special about this?

The power of a mother’s love can accomplish great things. As written in the biography of Thomas Edison, when Thomas was seven years old his teacher “made no secret of his belief that the hyperactive youngster’s brains were “addled” or scrambled” (thomasedison.org). The teacher sent a letter home with Thomas to inform his mother that Thomas could no longer attend the school. His mother’s love and belief in her son led her to home-school Thomas because she believed in his genius. Thomas Edison credits the power of his mother’s love for his success and certainly for all his contributions to the world!

Many of us may have steadfastly learned how to home-school our children because of the past year’s pandemic. Can we think of one special way “mother’s love” may have encouraged our children’s potential while they were schooled at home like Thomas Edison?

Sometimes the things we can’t predict, things we may hope never occur, can offer an opportunity for greatness!

Every day we may encounter something random and unexpected. It may be something so small that we may not even recognize it. When we think of a time in the past when our mom’s belief and support in us made all the difference in something unpredictable that happened, what feels significant about it?

We couldn’t have predicted what we’ve been experiencing or what the future may hold. Any type of visit can make a mom smile! I know because I’m a mom.

Every special moment, no matter how small, can enhance the foundation of our inner power as a mom or as someone’s child. Fear can steal away our present if we let it.

Let’s own our present! What’s one small new thing we can do today that’ll make us smile? What might we do to make sure it happens?

How can our smiles ensure even bigger smiles for mom?

So, let’s celebrate all moms.  Not only on Mother’s Day, let’celebrate mom EVERY DAY! Everything she has done for us has contributed to who we are today!

Be sure to tell mom about “ME” Monday® so she can plan something special for herself every week!

While we’re at, let’s plan something special for ourselves too because self-care also cultivates greatness!

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can improve our overall R.O.I. to have a great today and determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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