ME” Monday® 1-31-2022 Magic Wand

Do you believe in magic?

If we could wave a magic wand and have what feels most important to us, what might that be?

As the world evolves during these unexpected times, we may think about all that’s changed and what we hope to have going forward. Sometimes it may feel like having what we want is impossible.

The way we live and work seems to be constantly shifting. What might we want it to look like?

How might we feel if our current situation had happened during a decade void of the technology that we have available to us today?

Many of us may be spending more time than ever before in virtual meeting rooms and family calls; many of us may be back in full swing with in-person meetings and events. It may be hard to determine what feels comfortable as things continue to shift.

Current technology gives us the ability to be socially connected, no matter what, in a way that we may not have considered beneficial before. What seems most valuable when we think about this?

Before the past two years things everything may have seemed to be status quo- same old, same old for all of us. What we may have taken for granted before might be the magical times we may wish for now.

Sometimes things happen when we least expect them to in a good way. For example, by the end of a retreat I attended, one of our roommates had mystically transformed into a beautiful blossom both inside and out. It seemed like someone had waved a ‘magic wand’ so she could become an even more beautiful version of herself both personally and professionally! It was quite a transformation and she came to recognize that the magic was within her all along and she just had to allow herself to believe in it.

Something fairy-tale-like had occurred for her over those few days. An enchanting makeover that took her from wherever she never knew she felt trapped to a feeling of new beginnings. I witnessed this transformation and it truly seemed magical. Since then, she has only moved forward and never looked back.

When might we recall a time that we’ve felt stuck and we might have wished for the magic to help us out?

What might have to be different for us to make a change without magic?

How might it feel to believe the magic we need could be right inside of us?

So, I have to ask…

Do we believe in magic? Do we believe in our power to choose?

Maybe the magic has always been rooted deep down within our inner power. We just need to choose to look inside ourselves to find it.

How might we tap into the magic of that inner power when it feels like we are wishing for that magic wand?

If we’re busy with virtual calls and in-person gatherings where we’re focusing on others, how might it feel to schedule some “ME” time in between to ignite the magic within us?

Scheduling this “ME” time intermittently in-between our responsibilities can be a first step toward revealing our inner self.

What might feel important about implementing a “ME” time routine? Where in your week would you like to plan this time for yourself?

Let’s start making some magic for ourselves on “ME” Monday® and plan something special, no matter how small. Magic can happen when we least expect it!