ME” Monday® 1-24-2022 Never Enough Time

Have you ever felt like everything you need time for has to fit perfectly into each day?

Stuff happens, right? It happens every day at work and home, seemingly always adding another thing we have to do to the list, UGH!

What if we could add some more time to our day? What might that additional time do for us?

Would we choose to just add more tasks to the “to-do” list or plan something special for ourselves with this added time?

It can feel like we can’t have control over the ‘stuff’ that happens. Well, that ‘stuff’ represents the facts we can’t change.

When we realize it’s harder to focus on what feels impossible to control, it can become clearer that we may unknowingly stop ourselves from experiencing anything different.

We can stay where we are feeling frustrated and exhausted or permit ourselves to choose how we see those facts, no matter what the realities are. What we can control is how we feel, how we think, and choosing what option feels best in that moment. Though choosing change may feel hard, it can lead to that something better we didn’t believe we could do.

So, instead of trying to change what happens (those stressful facts), we can change our reactions from frustration and anxiety to resilience.

Imagine for a moment, what it might feel like if we could have 100% control over HOW we experience our day.

What comes up for you as you imagine this? How might this feel different?

Each of us is likely to have a diverse perspective of what reacting to our daily list may look like and that’s okay.

When we look at everything on our “to-do” list like we “have to” get it done all at once, it seems like too many things for a 24-hour day. When we focus on one thing at a time, we can watch the list diminish timely, rather than seeing it as impossible.

What does our “to-do” list look like right now? Which things on our list might feel like “have to” items? Which things might be able to wait?

Focusing on what is positive can feel calmer which leads to more energy and feeling healthier making it easier to bounce back when the pieces of time don’t seem to fit perfectly. 

Every day has plenty of time for what’s most important because we get to choose what’s important and how we CHOOSE to see it.

Where on the list might we schedule “ME” time? How might “ME” time influence how we feel as we check items off our list?

Start small. On “ME” Monday®, let’s take time for ourselves and focus on one thing at a time without agonizing over how all the items on the list may fit in the day.

Consider noticing how it may feel when YOU choose HOW to react when ‘stuff’ happens. if you’re not already doing this.

What might be one small thing we can add to the top of our list that is strictly for “ME” time to help boost our flexibility and enjoy each day? Remember, we get to choose!

“It’s not about having enough time, it’s about making enough time.” ~ Rachael Bermingham