ME” Monday® 2-7-2022 My Mindset-Where is it?

If everyone’s “have-to” lists can vary, how might we nurture ourselves to have a productive mindset?

When additional things come up in our daily schedule for work, family, or daily responsibilities how might we get everything done without tension?

How may we find the extra time we need without neglecting ourselves?

Our bodies and minds need many things to have energy and focus to complete all the items on our list with the best approach. Suitable downtime is one of them.

The never-ending “to-do” list might feel impossible to finish. How might we fine-tune the way we feel and shift our outlook?

When our mindset changes, the direction of our lifestyle deviates also. Whether or not our way of thinking is positive is up to us.

Here’s a real-life example: A veteran that’s married, a parent working multiple jobs, obtaining a doctorate, while dealing with several health conditions often finds himself too impaired to function effectively which has him increasingly frustrated.

He wants to be a successful dad meaning he must balance the jobs he works, provide quality time and financial security for his family, and take complete care of his health, all in equal parts, without experiencing disabling pain. It sounds challenging, doesn’t it?

What he thought was helping him do it all unknowingly made things a bit more complicated.

Now, two years later, the daily strain he’s been putting on himself to tolerate the physical and mental anguish all these intense things caused him no longer feel worth it. It’s time to take things off the list, re-prioritize, and live a better quality of life than he’d been living. Suddenly everything is beginning to feel a whole lot better.

If it sounds impossible to accomplish this sense of balance, maybe it isn’t.

When we can recognize that self-disregard can be toxic, like in the above example, we can begin to see that the only way to take the best care of others is to prioritize ourselves first so we don’t crash and burn.

What if the power to shift our mindset in a more positive direction has been right in our hands all along?

The encouraging mindset we choose can create a powerful, energizing, motivating, and nourishing foundation that makes it simpler to complete whatever might be necessary on our list.

Let’s consider one valuable thing that we might be able to choose to do today that feels powerful, revitalizing, and motivating? What feels most important about this mindset shift?

It’s “ME” Monday®! Let’s plan some time to do something beneficial for ourselves, no matter how small.

Nourishing all parts of our mind and body can improve our attitude and provide the quality of every day that we want. When we prioritize “ME” time to be the best version of ourselves that we want to be and re-prioritize our “to-do” list, we can gain the get-up-and-go and the control we desire for everything better.

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