ME Monday 12-20-2021 Greatest Gifts

Tomorrow is the first day of winter and the time of the year when the days begin to get longer again, something many of us may look forward to.

Extra daylight may feel like a little gift that keeps on giving as each day continues to get longer. It’s something simple and small that may make us smile. Sometimes something so minuscule can seem so incredibly special.

Can we recall a time when a tiny special moment like this may have occurred for us? What felt important about this at that time?

Some of us may have recently celebrated some holidays and others are just getting ready to revel in another a few days from now. What might gift-giving look like this year? What might we want to receive?

When can something simple possibly lead to something great? What might be something modest and small we can give as a gift this year that may become greater over time? How might this feel different?

As we reflect on the events of the past years, there may be things in our every day that may look unlike any past year we may remember. What memoirs might we be able to create this year to smile about later on in the future?

Over the years, we may focus on the things we want to have and things we may see as essential. Many things may vary for each of us and some may be the same.

As our lives change and events of many kinds may occur, we may ask ourselves how these things still serve us or if these items still seem important. A life-long friend once shared some thoughts after experiencing some devastating circumstances.  Everything that mattered seemed to be gone- the things she believed she worked so hard to build and have, and the security of a home. What she came to recognize was what mattered most – the family and friends that are always there as loving support, creating memories that can never be lost or replaced.

Special moments can create memories and there is infinite space to collect them. Things can take up a lot of space. Eventually, we can run out of room for ‘stuff’ and need to get rid of older things to make an area for new ones. There is always room for more remembrances. There’s always room for those we choose to share joy and love with. We can never run out of space for those.

Change happens every day and having the things we want is very special and important.

Having the things that might be irreplaceable is priceless.

The memories we create can be the most cost-effective, heart-felt, space-saving, and above all else, the most priceless gifts to give and receive.

What small gift might we want to give to others this year that may keep them smiling through the years to come? How might this feel different?

How might it feel to give ourselves a tiny gift? What may be important about this?

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