ME Monday 12-27-2021 Small Steps

As we approach the remaining few days of this year, what might we think about most?

We may feel uncertain about what our next steps should be as 2022 approaches.

We may dwell on the memories of old or anxiously consider the adventures we have yet to embark on. What might feel most important?

Many of us may have had to change things in our daily lives that we never expected would be long-lasting.

Some of us may reflect on various losses that have been inflicted on us and others may embrace new opportunities that arose.

Regardless of what 2021 may have seemed like for us, how might we want to transition from this year to the next?

How might we want the next year to be different? 

As we ask ourselves these questions and formulate some answers, it may feel like we’re trying to put all the pieces of a huge puzzle together. Sometimes it may feel like completing this puzzle is impossible, though we know that when the last piece is positioned, it’s conceivable that we can see the whole picture.

We might want to think about who may be able to help us find all the pieces of the puzzle instead of going it alone or how we may provide this assistance to others who may be trying to do the same.

So, how might we support each other in this upcoming year? How might it feel to receive and offer others this kindness?

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must but take the step.” ~unknown

What might be one small step we can take to implement an up-leveled support system?

How might it feel to have this caring structure in place as we experience new happenings in 2022?

As we think about all the daily responsibilities we may encounter in this upcoming year, it can be vital to think about ways we want to best care for ourselves.

How might we strengthen each step we take toward the unknown by prioritizing the self-care we require? How might this feel different?

If we celebrate “ME” Monday® regularly by scheduling “ME” time once a week throughout 2022, how might it feel?

When we prioritize weekly “ME” time, who else might benefit from this?

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” ~Alan Cohen

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