“ME” Monday® 8-9-2021 Fear of Regret

Do fears of what might change prevent us from choosing what we want? When might we find ourselves asking “what if”?

Why might it seem easy to do what we think we have to do and scary to select what we want to do?

When we imagine taking the steps to flourish as who we want to be it may sometimes feel like something stops us from achieving what we yearn for.

How might we feel when this happens? What might seem alarming about fulfilling our desires? What feels significant about this?

Can we remember a time we regretted not doing what we want? What felt important about it?

In a live interview, Jesse Itzler was asked what his greatest fear was. He answered, “the fear of REGRET is greater than the fear of DOING it!” Wanting no regrets motivates him to do the things that will enable him to create the quality of life he wants to live!

If we consider the power of Jesse Itzler’s statement, what thoughts come up about this?

Immediately after hearing his declaration a memory of over a decade ago was triggered. A friend asked me, ‘if I GIVE you an airline ticket, would you want to go to Australia with me and a group I travel with?’ WHAT? REALLY? Australia was the only place in the world I ever wanted to visit!

Then fear stopped me in my tracks! I would be on a plane for over 15 hours ☹. The truth is, I was petrified to fly back then.

Ultimately, the fear of regret WAS greater than the fear of doing it because I accepted the generous gift! We visited FOUR cities, the rainforest, held koala bears, met Aborigines, and snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef! Choosing action over regret allowed me to fulfill a life-long dream and since then I’m much less fearful of flying!

So, what fear stands between us and what we may want, that light at the end of the tunnel we want to reach, whatever that may be for each of us?

Why might it feel easier sometimes to accept the fear and be STUCK rather than face it and CHOOSE what we want?

What are some of the dreams that we might like to fulfill?

How might it feel if we could push the dread aside and tap into our inner strength?

Henry Ford once said, “obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

When we keep our focus on what we want to achieve, how might the obstacles fade away? What feels important about this?

What roadblocks may seem present when considering planning “ME” time?

If we could pick one small thing that could get us a step closer to selecting something for ourselves, what might that be?

Instead of feeling regret, when might we want to do this?

It’s “ME” Monday®! It’s a great time to keep our eyes on our goal to plan “ME” time and let the frightful obstacles fade away.

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can improve our overall ROI to have a great today and determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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