"ME” Monday® 8-2-2021 Okay to Rest

If we find ourselves feeling responsible for the care of others, how often might we consider asking for help before we allow ourselves to rest?

How might we feel when we’re facing deadlines, feeling sick, or fatigued? Might we struggle to take care of ourselves or might we want to ask for help? What thoughts come up around this?

Though it may sometimes feel like we ‘have to’ do everything without assistance, there may be times we wish we didn’t have to do it all alone. Why might this feel important?

What is it about asking others to assist with a task that might make us feel uncomfortable?

Last week we thought a bit about what our older selves might ask our younger selves to do differently. What did we think they might ask of us? What feels significant about it?

Sometimes things occur that we might not be able to prevent. Whether the cause is an illness, an accident, aspects of aging we couldn’t predict earlier in life, or time limits we feel unable to meet, why might it occasionally feel painful to ask for help? What feels important about this?

Can we remember a time when we wished for assistance and didn’t ask for it? If we had asked for help, what might that have looked like?

For example, what if…

  • …we need to get something that’s on a top shelf that we can’t securely reach; do we ask for help or do we find a way to climb up and get it?
  • …there are deadlines for a project at work; do we ask for help to make sure it gets done, or try to do it all on our own for fear someone might think we can’t handle the job?

How might we benefit now by accepting support from someone else? How might we profit from this as our future selves? Who else might benefit from this?

So, what might encourage us to feel more relaxed so we’re able to ask others for support?

How might it feel to practice thinking of one or two small things that we can ask someone to help us with? How might we feel when we do this?

If we let ourselves receive some backing from others so we’re not feeling like we’re doing everything ourselves, how might our energy levels feel? What’s important about this?

Allowing ourselves to benefit from a support system may provide more time to rest and implement the care we require to feel great and energized. What’s one special thing we might use this newfound time for?

At any age, at any stage, we can permit ourselves to ask for help. It’s okay to rest.

How might it feel to ask for support when planning some “ME” time on “ME” Monday®?

“ME” Monday® is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Who might we want to ask to support us this week?

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can improve our overall ROI to have a great today and determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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