How might it feel if we could quickly hit a “DON’T PANIC” button when something unexpectedly urgent occurs?

What might we experience when we’re suddenly faced with the unpredictable?

When we are confronted with fear or unexpected stress, our bodies are designed to physically respond to external stimuli.

We may experience tension in our muscles, an upset in our stomach, or even an anxious feeling all over. It’s a reflex reaction that sends these signals to all parts of our bodies.

Our emotional response, what we are thinking, might be able to minimize the physical reaction. If we could impact how our bodies react to stress, what might we want instead?

Our thoughts can be the steering wheel that takes our physical responses in a different direction. How might it feel if we could redirect our thoughts and feel less stress?

This query reminds me of a time when my kids were little; they had a Sesame Street Talk ‘n’ Play interactive toy with a lesson from Grover- “Please Don’t Push the Red Button”. There were different questions asked by different characters and the corresponding correct answer was associated with one of the button colors. The last voice they would hear before answering was Grover saying ‘please don’t push the red button! Whatever you do, do not push the RED button!’ Of course, they would always want to push the red one! The red button had the incorrect answer and Grover would offer hints for the right one.

How might we know when it may be better NOT to push that RED button?

When we see the image of the RED don’tpanic’ button, there is something familiar about this button along with the conventional “PANIC” button, the “EASY” button, and even the “NO” button (yes, these exist!).

Guess what? They are all RED buttons!

It may seem easier to push any one of these RED buttons, right? Why might that feel more comfortable in our thoughts when our physical indications may be saying something different?

In that moment of fear, stress, or anxiety, what if we heard an inner voice telling us “DON’T push the RED button!”?

Might that moment of pause help us feel more relaxed about what we want to do? If we feel more relaxed, might our physical reaction feel different?

Has there ever been a time we can recall this happening? What may feel important about that?

Let’s get curious for a moment. When we think about what we want, do we push a red button and say “I can’t” or might we think about why “ME” Monday® time feels important?

How might it feel to have a “ME” Monday® button  to ensure some routine “ME” time for ourselves?

How might establishing this tradition of “ME” time improve how we feel inside emotionally and physically? What seems important about this?

So… what if we try not to push the red button?

It’s “ME” Monday®! Let’s push the green button and plan something special for ourselves today!

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can have a great today to determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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