In times of crisis, what might our view of the world look like? If what we see seems unclear, how might that feel?

Sometimes it may feel like everything in our environment seems upside down. How might this image demonstrate the possibility that we may see things differently than they might be? 

If we could feel in control and gain clarity, what might that look like?

Recently, I’ve engaged in many conversations that focus on fear, anxiety, uncertainty, despair, hopelessness, chronic worry, and/or feeling powerless.

Our universe may feel out of control with these emotions. How might we rethink these reactions?

As we sit at our computers working or connecting online, how might it feel to stop every few minutes and look out a window?

There are various landscapes, blue sky, puffs of clouds, birds flying, and maybe dogs barking. Everything in nature that surrounds us can be in view if we choose to see it.

This world began with nature, no technology, heck, no toilet paper! Nature has endured time. Nature has suffered fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters; it always bounces back.

We are nature; we too can prevail. The power is within every one of us. Life continues. It will just be a little different for a while until things change again.

So, I began to think about how I’m seeing things that may feel like a crisis and I recognized that calamity doesn’t change:

  • The love I have in my life.
  • The beauty of nature around me.
  • We won’t run out of food or water, so we won’t starve or be thirsty.
  • Work continues as many companies are continuously converting to online venues.
  • Meetings we weren’t able to attend before due to geographic distance are now available as a virtual experience. There now can be NEW opportunities that extend beyond our local areas!

In Life University’s Compassionate Integrity program, emotional awareness is explained as when we can have the ability to be cognizant of the ups and downs of our mental experiences on a moment-to-moment basis to better understand the difference between beneficial and hurtful states. How can being aware of our own emotions affect our mindfulness of how others are feeling also? How might this feel different?

This past year hasn’t and won’t change who I am or what I believe, so I tap into my core strengths regularly. Realizing that who I am is what has helped me overcome all the hard times I’ve faced in the past makes me feel confident that each new emergency shall pass calmly too.

So, above all else, while staying connected with others, we can have the capability to stay connected with who we are at the core, focus on what is positive, accept that every challenge we face during any crisis can be another thing we’ve overcome and we can be okay. The more we focus on staying linked with who we are and who we want to be, the more in control we can feel.


If we feel like we can’t locate that power right now, it might be influential to locate the support we might need to help us find it.

We can all own our power. If we’re feeling like we’re not there yet, let’s start with some self-care and “ME” time to take it back.

How might implementing this “ME” time routine enable us to feel more on top of things with clarity when we find ourselves in a predicament?

“ME” Monday® was put on our weekly schedule so we can devote a little time for some self-responsibility, “ME” time, at least one day each week.

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can have a great today to determine the tomorrow we deserve!