What keeps us awake at night that we may feel like we can’t sleep?

How might that cause us to feel when we get up the next morning? Why might this seem important?

If we can remember a time when we just didn’t feel well and couldn’t put our finger on the reason why what are some of the physical symptoms we may have noticed? How might we determine if these warnings are related?

It may feel difficult to describe what we’re experiencing physically, while the emotional response that occurs when we worry might be more easily recognized.

How might it feel if we could understand how all that worry is affecting our energy and ability to sleep?

Our bodies often send us subtle signals of what’s happening emotionally and physically. We may usually notice the intense symptoms that make us feel sick even though there can be many seemingly silent warning signs that can go unnoticed.

Even when we choose a healthy eating style and a systematic exercise routine, frequent stress reactions from the repetitive worry may not convey ANY  noticeable signs for us to tend to.

If we consistently experience persistent anxiety at any level, physically our bodies can be undergoing small reactions to the edginess. Over long enough periods we can unintentionally begin to weaken our immune systems creating the potential for ailments to occur.

By unknowingly allowing extreme concerns to create havoc inside our bodies, this could lead to lasting problems unless we can learn how to recognize those MINOR signs. (***It’s recommended to check with a medical provider if there are concerns or any questions regarding our healthcare.)

What if we could minimize the effects of worry on our bodies by building up our resilience to the daily anxieties and increase serenity?

How may it feel to face tension of any sort with strength rather than dread?

Michael Arloski, CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc., states in his book Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change ( 2nd edition), “the more a person lives in fear, the smaller they make their world”.

The more we live our lives defined by our worry, the more we may be unaware of the silent effects the stress has possibly caused internally.

Although there’s no easy, specific solution, we can choose how we’d like to experience external forces differently to shield our bodies from the unsettling symptoms.

If we could avoid some suffering from physical ailments by discovering an imperative tool to add to our toolbox, why might this feel significant? 

If we could skillfully improve our stamina to be healthy INSIDE and out, boost our energy, and sleep better at night, what might we want to know first?

Providing ourselves with the time to focus on doing the things that calm the mind and body, allows our bodies to function in the healthy way it’s naturally designed to.

So, let’s reduce our worry by adding a most important tool to our toolbox- “ME” time.  That is what “ME” Monday® is for!

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can improve our overall R.O.I. to have a great today and determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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