ME Monday 10-25-2021 Time Alone

When we consider the list of things, we feel we must do, where does some time for ourselves land on our schedule? What feels important about this time alone?

It may feel like we’ve been up against a long, busy weekend full of lots of housework and errands to run after a long work week. Sometimes we may feel like some part of our job somehow crept into the weekend too.

As our downtime flies by,  and it feels like there’s another grueling work week ahead with family responsibilities, how might it feel to plan some non-negotiable “ME” time?

If it seems like we deal with so many HAVE-TO responsibilities, it might feel a bit difficult to accomplish everything we want to by the end of the day.

It may not feel okay to take time for ourselves.

Why might it feel so challenging to fit in ANY “ME” time?

Inconsistencies happen regularly within our work environment, family, the way we run errands, and the way we interact with others. Daily changes may feel greater than ever before.

Loretta G. Breuning Ph.D. says “When you expect happiness to come from “the system,” you have less reason to take the steps that would trigger it.”1

How might we want to activate our happiness? At what point in our day might this feel most important?

If we take steps to gain peace of mind during some time alone to regroup, relax, and regenerate, what comes to mind?

Katrina Meyer says,  “Often the best gift you can give yourself is time alone- some time to ask your questions and listen quietly for answers.”

What questions might we want to ask ourselves?

What answers feel important to discover?

If we consider taking some time alone to think about what we want to ask ourselves and what means the most to us, what might we learn from this?

How might we want to reposition where this  “ME” time falls on our daily list? What might occur when we do this?

If we could prioritize specific time for calming our body and mind to gain clarity at work and home, what seems vital about it?

If we’re equally responsible for ourselves as we are to others how might this affect our motivation, energy, and ability to be our best selves?

So, how might it feel to give ourselves a gift of alone time? Who else might benefit if we can regulate a calm body and mind to create our desired lifestyle balance?