ME Monday 11-1-2021 Superhero

If we had special powers to be a superhero, what might an average day look like?

Do we have to be a superhero to get through every day with ease? Sometimes it may feel like we have to move faster than a speeding bullet.

Work…life, life…work, ugh! It may feel like we can never find a way to balance the scale.

As a working parent, for example, it may seem hard at times to focus on work and all the other areas of life separately. By focusing on everything endlessly, it might feel impossible to be our best in any aspect of our lives.

We can begin to exhaust ourselves to a point of burnout from trying to add an hour in a day and a day in a week to meet work deadlines, care for the family, then attend sport and school activities our kids are involved in.

This can lead to chronic stress that may silently be wearing us down from the inside out without us ever knowing it’s happening.

Though it may feel like we need to be superheroes at times, how might it feel to know we’ve had a superpower deep within us all along, a “secret identity”, like Clark Kent is to Superman, that we didn’t realize was there? That secret identity is who we are or who we want to be.

So, how can we know who that is? What if we ask ourselves a few thought-provoking questions like:

  • What feels most important to me?
  • What do I love about my job?
  • How do I want to manage everyone else’s schedules?
  • Where do I fit in some “ME” time without feeling guilty?

These are a few questions to think about. For each of us, our priority list may have some different items added. No matter how many or how few important things we have weighing us down, it can feel equally as frustrating.

Wearing too many hats all at once can make it feel impossible to balance anything with so much extra weight on top of us.

How might it feel to consider trying on that one hat we want to wear, as the person we choose to be? If we think that someone may not be visible, what might we want this to look like?

There’s no quick and easy answer. If we outline all the things that may cause added pressure and evaluate each item one at a time rather than all at once, how might that feel? What feels most important about this?

How might we balance everything each day if we use one calendar to schedule time for what feels vital at work, home, and play?

Life, overall, might seem robotic and uninteresting without choices and possibilities.

We get to select how we plan and schedule time for work, family, and “ME” time. Focusing on each task independently can be a great place to start.

Planning everything in one schedule can allot time that’s blocked off for when to work, when to take care of the home, and when to take “ME” time! It can become much easier to focus individually on the things that matter most at the time.

Finding the best questions that make us think about how we want each day to look can help us begin to reveal some things we may not have recognized about ourselves. We might reveal a new way we want to make choices and experience possibilities.

One question at a time, one answer at a time; one step forward in a positive direction toward our chosen balance.

We all can discover our true superpower. We all have one.

As we acclimate to approaching things independently instead of all at once, we can face every 24 hours without projecting ahead enabling us to make valuable, lasting, energizing changes.