When we feel so close to our chosen path and something unpredictable stops us, what new direction might we want to take instead?

If a situation feels impossible, how might we find a solution?

Sometimes, it may seem like that “stuck” sensation feels familiar when we try to set goals for ourselves that may feel hard to reach.

When something unexpected happens, what tools might we use to help us get to where we want to go?

When we get stuck in non-moving traffic, it might seem like we’ll never get to the exit and reach our destination. There have been many times, I sat on freeways feeling like I’d be on that road forever.

Realistically, we eventually reach that exit ramp, right?

So, how might we want to experience the journey until we get to our destination?

If we could redirect our thoughts as we move slowly toward where we want to be, how might this feel different?

What may stop us when we feel stuck about other goals we have or making simple decisions that may feel impossible?

Why might it feel uncomfortable to think of alternatives that may help us discover the best path we want for success?

If we can choose different courses to map out where we want to go when we’re traveling, like using GPS, why might it sometimes feel hard to determine different options that might help us reach our goals in less time?

Sometimes, accessing outside support and accountability could be what we need, like having a personal GPS to guide us to what we want to achieve.

Permitting ourselves to change directions and taking a new road can turn out to be the path to success. If we don’t try, we may stay stuck in traffic.

Who might we want in our particular “GPS”? What feels important about this?

If we could have the support we want, how might it feel? What sustenance might we offer ourselves?

Might we feel stronger to achieve our goals, if we establish a “ME” time routine?

The support we might receive from others begins with the care we provide ourselves.

It’s “ME” Monday®! What might be some “ME” time reinforcement we can provide for ourselves today?

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can have a great today to determine the tomorrow we deserve!