If we could have the means to maintain our resilience, what might that look like?

How might experiencing consistent flexibility feel empowering?

When we imagine our ideal place, people, or thing, how might we feel? Why might this seem important?

As we think about this special setting, person, or item, what physical reactions might we notice occurring in our bodies? What emotions might we experience?

These feelings are giving us information about the state of our bodies as physical and emotional reactions occur. We can distinguish if these sensations are unpleasant, neutral, or pleasant. If the feeling is unpleasant, we can choose to shift our thoughts into an area in our body that feels pleasing or comfortable.

When we secure ourselves in these content feelings, we can simply identify this neutral or encouraging space and begin to recognize our resilient zone where we can feel confident and more in control.

Sometimes we may get knocked out of our zone when uncontrollable things occur or unavoidable causes arise.

There have been many times I can recall feeling unable to find the resilient zone. I was living in southern CA for a while and some moments seemed crushing. Without any plan, I decided to escape to the beach. I sat and viewed the waves connecting with the sand, listened to the sound of the seagulls passing overhead, while I watched sealions and dolphins playing in the distance. I got lost in the peacefulness and wanted to stay there forever.

From that moment forward, I chose any opportunity available to escape to the beach when tension would try to prevail. Then things changed years later and I no longer had access to the beach, my peaceful retreat. Where would I go when everything felt out of control and uncomfortable?

How would it feel to know we might have the power within us to bounce back?

Through Life University’s CIT program, I learned that envisioning the beach I loved so much is a type of resourcing; “A resource is any person, place, thing, memory or part of ourselves that makes us feel calm, pleasant, peaceful, strong, or resilient.” I realized then that I could merely go there anytime by reliving the experience in my mind. The thoughts of my memory would bring me to that peaceful retreat once again and the intensity of the physical reactions to the stress could subside.

So, how might resourcing be a tool to help us boost our resilience?

It can be valuable to understand how our brain contributes to how our bodies respond to uncontrollable factors. Our bodies are designed to automatically react to different stimuli. It’s is important to become aware of how our thoughts can alter the impact of these reactions.

By choosing a pleasing resource, our encouraging thoughts can help buffer the physical fight or flight reaction our bodies can experience.

When we stay connected to the comfortable or enjoyable feelings we have within our chosen person, space, or a memory we can develop the practice of grounding. Grounding is when we are feeling rooted in a source that offers a sense of support and stability.

What places, people, or memories might we want to retrieve in our thoughts now to create a peaceful retreat when the unexpected happens? What feels special about this?

If we could choose a resource that feels like “ME” time, what might that look like?

How might it feel to envision our favorite “ME” time acting as a resource?

It’s “ME” Monday®! What kind of “ME” time can we schedule today so we can have something new to use in the future to ground us?

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can improve our overall ROI to have a great today and determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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