Why might it feel like there is not enough time in the day?

How would it feel if we had an extra hour in day or an extra day in a week to get everything done?

What if we could add some more time? What might that additional time do for us? Why might this time feel important?

Would we choose to plan something special for ourselves with this added time?

Would we take a break from our “to do” list or would we just add more tasks to complete?

Stuff happens, right? It happens every day, seemingly always adding another thing to our list, UGH!

For years, I’d ask, why is this happening to me? Why can’t we have control over the ‘stuff’ that happens? Well, that ‘stuff’ represents the stressors or facts we can’t change. When I realized I was focusing on what is impossible to control, it became clearer that I’d been self-sabotaging the possibility of experiencing anything different. It seems there were two options, live a life of self-sabotage or live a life of giving myself permission to choose how I face those facts, no matter what the realities are.

So, instead of trying to change what happens (those stressors), if we learn how we can change our reactions to stress, we can begin to boost our resilience. Focusing on what is positive can feel calmer which leads to more energy and feeling healthier.  

Now, I no longer feel like I need more time. Every day has plenty of time for what’s most important because that’s how I CHOOSE to see it and I get to choose what’s important too.

Imagine for a moment, what it might feel like if we could have 100% control over HOW we experience our day.

What comes up for us as we imagine this? How might this feel different?

Each of us are likely to have a different perspective of what controlling how we react to our stressors may look like.

When we look at everything on our “to-do” list like we “have to” get it done all at once, it seems like too many things for a 24-hour day. When we focus on one thing at a time, we can watch the list diminish, rather than seeing it as impossible.

What does our “to-do” list look like right now? Which things on our list might feel like “have to” items? How might we want to modify how we see the facts we can’t change? How might this impact our day?

Where on the list might we schedule “ME” time? How might “ME” time influence how we feel as we check items off our list?

Start small. On “ME” Monday®, let’s take time for ourselves and focus on one thing at a time. If we’re not doing this already, consider noticing how it may feel when WE choose HOW we react when ‘stuff’ happens.

So, what might be one small thing we can add to the top of our list that is strictly for “ME” time to help boost our flexibility and enjoy each day? Remember, we get to choose!

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can have a great today to determine the tomorrow we deserve!