Do we believe in magic?

If we could wave a magic wand and have what feels most important to us, what might that be?

As the world evolves during these unexpected times, we may reflect on all the experiences we’ve had and enjoyed. We may also think about some of the circumstances we hope can happen again soon.

The way we live and work looks different these days. What might we want it to look like?

As many of us spend more time than ever before in virtual meeting rooms and family calls, we may yearn for that in-person connection.

How might we feel if our current situation had happened during a decade void of the technology that we have available to us today?

Current technology gives us the ability to stay socially connected during a time where physical distancing has become a daily routine.

Last year at his time, I was out of town at a conference with an attendee count of 1000 people. I was to share a hotel room with four strangers and by the end of our stay, we’d unknowingly become friends. During these three 10-hour days, we didn’t see each other much. During brief moments together, we’d quickly share our experiences.

Oddly, things seemed to be status quo- same old, same old for all of us. What we may have taken for granted last year might be the magical times we may wish for now.

By the end of day three of our training conference, one of our roommates had mystically become a beautiful blossom, someone who had unexpectedly waved a ‘magic wand’ to become an even more beautiful version of herself both personally and professionally! It’s not something I can clearly explain other than what I noticed, yet amazing just the same.

Something magical had occurred for her over those few days. An enchanting makeover that took her from wherever she never knew she felt trapped to a feeling of new beginnings. I witnessed this transformation and it truly seemed magical.

Additionally, in retrospect, on the first day I’d arrived, I’d found a pine cone on the resort parking lot floor. Without thinking, I picked it up and saved it in my rental car cup holder because it was kind of cool looking.

When I got in the rental car, as we were heading to the airport to go home, the pine cone had opened itself like a stunning flower. It was amazing to see this pine cone that had been laying lifelessly on the pavement in a parking lot suddenly bloom a few days later with seemingly new life. The pine cone and my new friend experienced an enchanted transformation over these few days which seemed like some magic wand must have played a part in these outcomes.

Coincidence? Hmmm…. It’s something to think about. Were these random occurrences or something more?

When might we recall a time that we’ve felt stuck and wished for the magic to help us out?

What might have to be different for us to make a change on our own? When might we believe change is possible?

When might we want help from that magic wand?

How might it feel to believe the magic we need is within us?

So, I have to ask…

Do we believe in magic? Alternately, do we believe in our power to choose?

Maybe the magic is embedded within our power. How might that feel?

Although we may not be currently able to attend conferences or mingle in large in-person gatherings, virtually we have a magical way to stay connected and even expand our reach beyond our local area to encounter new relationships we never thought could be possible.

How might we tap into the magic of our inner power and choose the opportunity presenting itself when we attend virtual conferences, networking meetings, or personal video calls. Whether we gather virtually in small, medium, or large numbers we have the opportunity to be socially connected.

How might it feel to schedule some “ME” time in between our virtual calls where we’re focusing on others?

How might we benefit from planning this “ME” time intermittently between virtual calls?

What might be important about implementing a “ME” time routine?

Let’s start making some magic for ourselves on “ME” Monday® and plan something special, no matter how small. Magic can happen when we least expect it!

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can have a great today to determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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