When meeting new people, what might feel most important to say?

How does it feel when encountering relationship-building experiences? What’s important about it?

Some of us may concentrate on uncomfortable feelings and others may tune in on the excitement of sharing beliefs and developing valuable associations.

What might we want these connections to look like?

The thought of bringing attention to ourselves to meet new people can sometimes feel awkward. As we arrive for an occasion and see a group of others, we may push a smile onto our faces as we scan the room to find someone that we feel relaxed to meet.

In business, we may collect some business cards, at a social event- phone numbers. When the occasion ends and we’re riding home, we likely relax while thinking about what to do now with the information we’ve collected. It may feel as awkward to follow up with these new acquaintances after the event as it felt to introduce ourselves in the first place. What feels significant about this?

Results of a global LinkedIn survey stated 80% believe networking to build quality relationships is the number one requirement for any kind of success and 50% said they just don’t do it because it doesn’t feel good.

These days, because of these uncertain times, many of us are not getting out in person as much and we’re often expecting to interact online with others. How might this affect the connection process?

What if this online venue is an opportunity to connect with even more potential clients, referrals, family, and new friends? Who might benefit from this?

We network for business, for dating, for socializing, on social media, even when we are simply meeting a friend for a cup of coffee, or chatting on a video call. These are all types of networking.

Another word for a lot of our networking is schmoozing! Schmoozing simply means chatting or mingling. That sounds simple and a bit more comfortable, doesn’t it? What might it feel like if we always thought of networking as schmoozing? What seems noteworthy about this?

When we network as professionals, our goal is to build authentic relationships that will eventually lead to new business.

When we are schmoozing or socializing, we might try engaging with like-minded people that may lead to long-term partnerships.

So, why might it sometimes feel difficult to do?

Whether we’re networking or schmoozing, what is the most important thing about ourselves we want others to know?

What is the most important thing about us that identifies who we are? What does that look like?

Defining what we want others to know about us and consistently sharing our authenticity can expand our connecting skills and yield the results we are striving for.

If we could determine our best steps and strengthen our existing and potential relationships, how might it feel to have these connections blossom and flourish online and off?

Confirming what we want others to know about who we want them to see can lead to developing the kind of relationships that will provide the return on investment we’re looking for whether it’s for business or the heart.

What is one small step we can take to pronounce what we believe is important about ourselves and why we want others to know this? How would it feel to plan some “ME” time and give it some additional thought? How might we benefit from this?

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can improve our overall R.O.I. to have a great today and determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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