ME Monday 10-4-2021 Outside the Box

If it feels like we’ve tried every possibility we can think of when things aren’t working as we want them to, what might thinking outside the box look like to help us find a solution?

Kids seem to think of infinite creative ways to do things like turning a corrugated box into something magical. As we grow up it may sometimes feel complex to generate one new idea.

Sometimes what may seem like it should be simple may feel impossible to overcome. When we look at the details of any circumstance, we may repeatedly see the same inevitabilities instead of seeing new opportunities.

When we feel like there aren’t any answers, we may feel as if we’re stuck in quicksand unable to move. This may feel scary.

If we allow our fears and anticipations of what might be, keep us immobile, how might it feel to permit ourselves to ask what we might want instead?

How might it feel to ask ourselves what we don’t want?

If we ponder what we do and do not want, might we see an alternate aspect of a situation that we may not have recognized before? What feels significant about this?

What may have stopped us in our tracks in the past from using tools that may have benefited us? How might we feel when we think about this?

What might we need to let go of to allow ourselves to think creatively to locate these resolutions?

When we are faced with an urgent matter, it seems like we instinctively react and decide what we must do at that moment.

Why might it feel easier to do this for crucial instances and more difficult for daily occurrences?

How might it feel if we could think on our feet and quickly implement some of those less complex, ordinary things we may be hesitant to act on?

Here are a few simple examples like starting a new exercise plan, clearing some clutter, or prioritizing the “ME” time that we’ve always wanted to have and never get to. These familiar wants will have a variety of custom solutions depending on each individual’s perspectives.

When we contemplate what has worked in the past to get us unstuck, we may consider trying it again, or maybe try something new that we may prefer more. This may lead us to additional options we didn’t know we could have.

Thinking outside the box means thinking in an original, creative way. Every day brings new moments that offer the potential for inventive solutions.

How might thinking outside the box by allowing ourselves to try something new, something small, something creative, as we may have done when we were kids, help us reach our goals in the present?

What is one small thing we might want to do for ourselves that could free us from feeling like we’re still in quicksand?

If we believe we don’t have time to do one thing for ourselves, then it might be time to imagine something magical to experience on “ME” Monday® in a new, unique way!