ME” Monday® 2-21-2022 Impossible Situation

If a situation feels impossible, how might we find a solution?

Sometimes, it may seem like that “stuck” sensation feels familiar when we try to set goals for ourselves that seem hard to reach.

These days, with a consistent variation of events, it may feel like that often. What tools might we use to help us get to where we want to go?

Let’s consider this example: when we get stuck in non-moving traffic, it might seem like we’ll never get to the exit and reach our destination. We can probably say we’ve sat countless times on highways feeling like we’d be on that road forever.

Realistically, we eventually reach the exit ramp we’re looking for, right?

So, how might we want to experience the journey until we get to our destination?

What if we could redirect our thoughts in a way that allows us to enjoy the ride.

What may stop us when we feel stuck about other goals we have or simple decisions we must make that feel impossible?

How might we divert our thoughts to permit ourselves to explore other possibilities instead?

It may feel uncomfortable to think about how we can discover the best path we want for success.

If we can choose different courses to map out where we want to go when we’re traveling, like using GPS, what tools might help us reach our other goals in less time?

Sometimes, accessing outside support and accountability could be what we need, like having a personal GPS to guide us to what we want to achieve.

Who might we want in our particular “GPS” system? If we could have the support we want, how might it feel?

Permitting ourselves to change directions so we can take a new road can turn out to be the path to success we’ve been looking for. If we don’t try, we may stay stuck in traffic.

“What we can or can’t do; what we consider POSSIBLE or IMPOSSIBLE is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.” ~ Anthony Robbins

What sustenance might we offer ourselves to fuel our beliefs to achieve our desired success?

The support we receive from others begins with the care we provide to ourselves.

It’s “ME” Monday®! So let’s plan some “ME” time today to provide for ourselves the strength to detour around any traffic that gets in our way.