Whatever we may have experienced up until today is now history. Although we may no longer have the ability to change what’s occurred in 2020, things from the past don’t necessarily have to determine our tomorrow, do they?

What might we want to choose instead?

New Year’s Day resets the starting point for which we may establish some new goals for both our business and daily lives.

So… we celebrated the New Year a few days ago, now what might we want to do?

What may be that first step toward experiencing what we prefer?

Will we begin the new year by switching to automatic pilot doing things the way we’ve always done? What might we desire that is different? Why might we want to do it differently? How might this feel when this happens?

Turning on our automatic pilot routine might sabotage our success if we continue to do everything the same as things around us change.

What’s one thing about us that doesn’t change even when everything else seems to? Each of us is unlike any other; therefore, our answers will be distinct.

Answering some of these questions and discovering why it feels important can be a small step toward creating a fresh start.

How can we implement something new without having the information we may need to achieve our goal?

That might be like trying to drive across the country without directions and a map to get us there. We could potentially drive around in circles or way off course unless we know where we’re going, right? It could take much more time to get to our destination than it has to.

How might it feel if we could achieve our goals in less time than ever before?

Reminding ourselves that we have the power to make choices that help point us toward a better direction can be our strongest tool.

Wow, there are so many questions. What if we don’t uncover what we may never have even thought to ask ourselves about? If we could acquire this info, what might this mean for us?

There were so many years in the past when I made the same New Year’s resolution that never occurred. Reflecting over these times, it seems more obvious now that I had lived a disjointed existence because most of the focus was on caring for so many others. I didn’t realize the most important thing I didn’t know I didn’t know about myself. I never asked myself who I wanted to be; I call that my ‘secret identity’. That identity was more secret than I could’ve ever imagined. I wasn’t “ME” and being “ME” turned out to be vital.

Professionally, I was very different than who I was with family and friends, as common as this may sound. Realizing I had the power to choose what I want to do rather than what felt like what “I have to” do, my New Year’s resolutions became daily solutions. Kicking that “have-to” habit and becoming the best version of myself in all aspects of my life allows me to regularly make decisions with positive intentions and stay on a confident path. When we allow ourselves the power of choice with a positive purpose, no mission has to feel impossible.

This year, in 2021, will we choose to experience a ‘mission impossible’ or begin the New Year with possibility and opportunity?

How might it feel to uncover who we want to be at our core, become #1 on our “to-do” list, and reset in 2021 with new choices and opportunities?

It’s the first “ME” Monday® of 2021! Establishing a “ME” routine is stage one of my four-step process to reveal what we may not know we don’t know about ourselves, our ‘secret identity’. If you’re not sure how to get on track, how might it feel to have a personal coach that could guide you through these steps to achieve your desired outcome in less time without guilt or judgment? Let’s work together on getting this year off to the best start possible.

If you haven’t discovered your “secret identity” for your next mission (the best version of yourself that you haven’t met yet), start the New Year to become the “ME” you want to be!

Begin 2021 by implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today and gift yourself a great new start to determine the tomorrow you deserve!

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