“ME” Monday® 8-30-2021 Change is Constant

When change occurs how might we find new doors that can open toward fresh opportunities?

If we feel paralyzed when things are unexpectedly altered, how might we look for a silver lining?

“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do”. -John Wooden

Our lives have been changing a bit more than we may be accustom to or could have predicted.

How might it feel if we perceive change as an opportunity for exciting, new experiences? What might that look like? How might that feel?

There’s no doubt that we’ve all experienced many unanticipated changes and what’s unpredictable may still lie ahead; deviations we couldn’t have been prepared for. Many of us may still be figuring out how we want to adapt to these consistent twists and turns of everyday life.

If we look again at John Wooden’s quote, what comes to mind?

If it feels like something is stopping us from doing what we can do, how might we want to change that? What feels important about choosing change? How might we benefit from this?

A young gentleman shared his experiences during the last year and a half. It was invigorating to hear him describe that although the stay-at-home-order was limiting, he chose this opportunity to get closer to his family by spending more time with them. His expressions of gratitude for having this time were profound and also led to his strong desire for deeper self-exploration. His chosen perspective led him to create great habit changes that fuel his energy, his motivation, and provide him more fulfillment each day. Though change brought some hardships, it also brought several possibilities! He opted to invoke his power of choice to make “change” a positive experience.

Change is Constant.

Hope can be Habit-changing.

Adaptability can feel Amazing.

New ideas can be Nourishing.

Goodness originates with Gratitude.

Engaging optimistically yields Endurance.

Self-responsibility is the first step toward Success.

So, what if we perceive CHANGE as an opportunity to make great choices? Every day brings something new and different. Some things may be small and seem insignificant; some things may be tremendous and feel overpowering.

Rather than allowing things that we can’t do to stop us in our tracks, how might it feel if we choose how we CAN do the things we want? What might this look like?

Does it ever feel like we’re stopped in our tracks when we consider planning some “ME” time?

What stops us? What feels important about this?

If we could have a short amount of time on a distinct day each week to plan something special for ourselves, how might that feel?

So, let’s redirect things that may stop us from choosing what we want and can do for ourselves.

 “ME” Monday® is a day every week that has been put on the calendar especially for us and that never has to change!

By implementing a “ME” Monday® routine today, we can improve our overall ROI to have a great today and determine the tomorrow we deserve!

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